What is the risk of Expired Condoms?

Expired Condoms Meme

Even though condoms last long, they must be used before the expiry date. Condoms are likely to break when stored in the wrong place or have been tampered with etc. Keeping condoms in your pocket for example exposes them to heat and moisture. Using them after they have expired disturbs their structural integrity. The risk of using expired condoms is more than the risks of unwanted pregnancy! Furthermore expired condoms can of course also lead to STDs or some kind of infection/irritation.

Risk of Damage to Expired Condoms

When stored in a cool/dry place, Latex Condoms can last for approximately 6 years. After the expiry date of latex condoms, they start to dry out. This then leads to the condom losing its strength and flexibility. The older the condoms get, the more likely they are to break.

Risks of Using Expired Condoms

Expired Condoms

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Condoms lose efficiency as they get older. Condoms are less likely to prevent the mixing of fluids, viruses, infecting particles, etc, thereby increasing the risks of acquiring harmful diseases, if they are out of date.


An unplanned pregnancy is one of the most blatant risk factors that are associated with the use of expired condoms. Even with condoms within their expiry date! As mentioned above, if it is not as strong or flexible it may break inside the vagina during intercourse. Thereby allowing the transfer of STDs from one person to another. Tiny holes or tears can form without anyone even noticing. They provide a passage for sperm cells to enter vagina for conception.


A dry condom may irritate the skin of the vagina or penis and thereby cause minor rash or infection.

To summarise.. Do not buy or use any condoms that are close to (or have passed!) their expiry date!

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